Genesis of a piece

Ceramics are a traditional craft that can’t be rushed. Each piece are 100% handmade and requires several hours of work. The creation of a piece follows 3 main steps.


After having knead the clay, making sure all the air bubbles have been removed (as this can cause explosion in the kiln), the shaping on the wheel can begin – this stage requires lots of concentration as a lack of focus can ruin it all in second! Once shaped, the piece is stored on the shelf for drying.


When the piece is dry (this can takes several days depending on the thickness of the object), the trimming process, using the wheel and several wooden tools can take place. This stage is essential as it gives a unique shape and a final touch to each piece, once complete each piece are left on the shelf to dry completely and then fired at 1,000 C for 8 hours!


When the piece is fired it is time for the glazing. Mixing colours can create amazing shades, even if it can be a bit of a lottery sometimes as the glaze only takes its definitive colour during the second firing! Each piece is finally fired a second time to make them durable and food/microwave/dishwasher safe.​